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Claude Anshin Thomas' book AT HELL'S GATE is relevant to the current thread on nonduality in that the book in no way identities nonduality or enlightenment as permanent psychological states and does not even seem to regard the elimination of traumatic pain as likely.  Anshin writes of highly traumatic experiences in Vietnam, and the "realization" to which he witnesses is the realization that he doesn't HAVE to ever reach a point where he can sleep more than two hours in a night--letting go of that self-concept was an "enlightening" breakthrough.  I found his discussion of the relations between practice and fruition very convincing.  Anshin also shows up as a "character" in Maxine Hong Kingstons hybrid fiction-autobiography, THE FIFTH BOOK OF PEACE, which has some behind-the-scenes representations of Plum Village.

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Since such a large number of buddha-hellites are Neuvo Mejicanos I
thought I would post this.

Seriously, you might check out the website and the book.

This IS on topic.

Seiju can  be reached at seiju at azc.org

Begin forwarded message:
> Hello,
> Claude Anshin Thomas is a Soto Monk who has written a book about his
> discovery of the power of Buddhism to heal the horrors of war.  He was
> a
> volunteer in the Vietnam War and returned home still struggling with
> the
> conflict.  Buddhism helped him find his way clear of that confusion
> and he
> hopes his experience will inspire other people to find their way free
> from
> conflict.
> He is doing a book tour and will speak at the Zen Center this Tuesday
> evening, 7 - 9 pm, after our regular zazen.  There is no charge for the
> presentation, though a donation to his organization would be
> appreciated.
> You can read an interview with Thomas at
> http://www.newconnexion.net/article/11-04/hellsgate.html <http://www.newconnexion.net/article/11-04/hellsgate.html> .  The
> organization
> he has established, the Zaltho Foundation, can be studied at
> http://www.zaltho.org/about/sop.html <http://www.zaltho.org/about/sop.html> .
> Contact the Zen Center if you have any questions.
> Seiju
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