[Buddha-l] liturgical languages

Richard P. Hayes rhayes at unm.edu
Wed May 11 18:58:15 MDT 2005

Bill Kish wrote:

> S1: I can observe my own mental actions.
> S2: I can observe my own mind as it functions.
> The meaning of S1 and S2 seem the same to me.  I take it
> you would disagree; if so, what have I missed ? 

Dignaga discussed this. According to him, and I tend to agree, mental 
events can be observed just like colors and smells. The sensing of the 
event is devoid of mental construct. But, as with all sensations, one 
can then tell a story about what the sensation means. That story is a 
mental construct.

> Also, when you say mind, do you mean citta, or perhaps a 
> more modern view of mind ?

It depends on the sentence. I switch back and forth, sometimes unmindfully.

Richard P. Hayes
Department of Philosophy
The University of New Mexico

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