[Buddha-l] liturgical languages

Bruce Burrill brburl at mailbag.com
Thu May 12 22:40:37 MDT 2005

At 06:37 PM 5/12/2005, you wrote:
>Actually, I find the whole idea of enlightenment very confused. It is an
>idea that is foreign to Buddhism, I think. What is NOT confused is the
>concept of nirvana. That is very straightforward. When the shift was
>made from seeking nirvana to seeking enlightenment, Buddhism took a
>dreadful turn for the worse. You can blame this bad turn on the Lotus
>Sutra, which may be the only text ever written that I would not stop
>someone from throwing onto a fire.


Would you be kind enough to expand on this -- the difference between 
nirvana and enlightenment, and the role the Lotus Sutra plays in this. I 
realize that we are courting a case of bad breath here, but I am willing to 
risk it if you are.

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