[Buddha-l] liturgical languages

r.g.morrison sgrmti at hotmail.com
Fri May 13 03:25:12 MDT 2005


: Actually, I find the whole idea of enlightenment very confused. It is an
: idea that is foreign to Buddhism, I think. What is NOT confused is the
: concept of nirvana.

Is this a round-about way of telling us that 'enlightenment' is a bad 
translation of 'bodhi'?  If not, then is it not odd that a so-called 
'religion' whose founder was eventually titled 'The Buddha' or 'Awakened 
One'/'Enlightened One'' because he is said to have attained a state called 
'bodhi' or 'Awake' should have this state called 'bodhi' as their goal?  Is 
'bodhi' foreign to Buddhism?  After all, is it not perfectly logical to call 
buddhists, 'baudhikas!

Robert Morrison 

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