[Buddha-l] Fwd: mega-church & proselytising

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Mon May 16 12:12:51 MDT 2005

> There is quite a bit of detail about the building, both inside and out,
> and the artwork. It sounds pretty wild. Here's a teaser from the
> article: "Metallic and modern, the sanctuary is built like two satellite
> dishes clapped belly to belly. It was designed, I was told to 'beam'
> prayer across the land."
Oh goody---we don't need to go to Roswell any more, the aliens are soon
to land on their concrete parking-lot landing pad, waiting the rapture.

Just wait until the cost of petroleum reaches $100 a barrel and they have to
pay to heat all that useless space. Look at gigantic, magnificent religious
buildings this way: they all originally began in tropical places--Nile
Valley, Tigris-Euphrates Valley, Central America, S.E. Asia, etc. Places
where you don't need to wear fur in order to worship. Unless global warming
moves the tropics further north in this country, these towers of power won't
be able to function when the long emergency arrives.

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