[Buddha-l] Re: Nirvana si, bodhi no!

Bill Kish wdkish81 at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 20:44:28 MDT 2005

Richard Hayes:
> But my point is that the criteria for knowing are very clear, 
> whereas there are no criteria at all for knowing whether or 
> not one has attained bodhi.

Is there any example of "bodhi" being used in isolation like
this in Indian Buddhism ?  I've hear it used this way in at
least one Zen context, where it meant something like "way
seeking mind", and which is admittedly a rather fuzzy notion. 

But in Indian Buddhism, I've only encountered "bodhi" as part 
of a larger compound such as "annutarasamyaksambodhi" or 
"bodhicitta".  At least in these particular cases, the criteria 
for knowing whether you have attained either one is just as 
clear as it is for nirvana.

Bill Kish

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