[Buddha-l] Re: Can an Air Force cadet have Buddha nature?

Hal Cooper halc at xprt.net
Tue May 17 19:02:19 MDT 2005

>"As a Buddhist I am committed to no particular view; as a non-Buddhist I am
committed to the urgent need to preserve the Buddhist critique of all
--snip ---
> ... Right Speech and all that....
> cheers,
> Dan
Hal> What about the 1st one, Right View?  How can you make the above
statement response on the panel, say the other panel members' ideas  are
"luke warm and evasive,"  but your response is dead on because the guy you
are talking to liked what you said? What if he threw up pea soup?  Does that
make what you said bad?

I believe it would be better to say, "As a Buddhist I am committed to Right
View."  Then, go on to hint at emptiness in a usefully pedagogic way.

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