[Buddha-l] Re: Nirvana si, bodhi no!

curt curt at cola.iges.org
Wed May 18 11:35:18 MDT 2005

Bruce Burrill wrote:

> At 11:32 AM 5/18/2005, you wrote:
>> Yes, and according to the Pali suttas awakening should spread
>> exponentially.
> Huh?

If an awakened person has, by virtue of being awake, the
ability to bring others to awakening - then those will also
have the ability to bring others to awakening .... etc. This
is like bacteria growing in a petri dish, or tribbles mutliplying
on the Starship Enterprise.
The wrinkle, as pointed out by Richard Nance, is that perhaps
not everyone is "ready" for awakening - which might add
a limiting factor that would keep this phenomenon from getting
out of control. I will address that in another email.
- Curt

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