[Buddha-l] Re: Nirvana si, bodhi no!

Bill Kish wdkish81 at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 14:42:16 MDT 2005

Richard Hayes:
> If one is speaking of Pali texts, the criterion for anuttara-
> samyak-sambodhi is clear enough, and by that criterion none 
> of us can possibly achieve it as long as there is memory of 
> the Buddha Gotama. One one buddha in a world system can 
> achieve it. But in the Lotus Sutra it takes on an entirely
> different meaning, and in that text the criteria are very 
> murky indeed---much less specific than the criteria of nirvana.

I haven't studied the Lotus Sutra beyond reading a few excerpts 
here and there. As I don't expect to anytime soon, I'll take
your word for it.

I was thinking more in terms of Asanga, the various Indian
scholastics that comment on his work, and so on through Atisha 
and eventually Je Tsongkhapa. If you or anyone else can think 
of examples of such "murkiness" wrt to either bodhicitta or
annutara-samyak-sambodhi from this strata of Mahayana literature,
I'd be interested in studying them.

Bill Kish

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