[Buddha-l] Re: Nirvana si, bodhi no!

Steven Lane steven505 at earthlink.net
Wed May 18 17:16:58 MDT 2005

 My god Richard have you ever actually picked up a Mahayana canonical text
at all.

Richard says:

As far as I am aware, there is no difference at all. Buddhas and arahants
both have exactly the same set of bojjhangas. The only difference, I think,
is that an arahant had the help of the teachings of a buddha in acquiring
the bojjhangas, and a pacceka-buddha and anuttara- sammaa-sambuddha have no
such help.

> Anyway, you thoughts on this would be of interest, if not 
> entettainment.

Entettainment? I take it that's the Pali spelling of entertainment.
Sorry, but I'm not anywhere near the scholar of the Pali canon that you are,
so I have nothing to say on this matter that you and Robert Morrison and
Lance Cousins could not say with more more authority and insight than I can
muster (even on a good day). I have stated my uninformed prejudices on the
matter, so now I wait to see what someone who knows the literature has to
say about the passages you have collected.

Richard Hayes
Department of Philosophy
University of New Mexico

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