[Buddha-l] One Buddhist's perspective on Zionism

Stephen Hodge s.hodge at padmacholing.freeserve.co.uk
Thu May 19 13:26:13 MDT 2005

Richard P. Hayes wrote:

> This is true of the Han, the Tibetans, the Mongols,
> the Diné (Apache and Navajo), the Aztecs, the Mayas, the
> Dakota/Lakota/Nakota, the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans, the Indo-Aryans,
> the Hittites and the Hebrews.

Well, surpringly, perhaps not true in the case of the Anglo-Saxons -- the 
evidence is just not there.  There is a growing view amongst respectable 
archeologists here that there was no Anglo-Saxon "invasion" of these isles, 
just a cultural and linguistic shift adopted by the natives here after the 
collapse of Rome as a significant imperial power.  Of course, the latter-day 
"Anglo-Saxons" did their best to fulfil your assertions.   But you have 
missed out the worst offenders from your list -- Homo sapiens sapiens --  
which is probably why we don't meet too many Neanderthals these days.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge 

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