[Buddha-l] One Buddhist's perspective on Zionism

Peter D. Junger junger at samsara.law.cwru.edu
Thu May 19 16:43:41 MDT 2005

Michel Clasquin writes:

: Stephen Hodge wrote:
: > Well, surpringly, perhaps not true in the case of the Anglo-Saxons -- 
: > the evidence is just not there.  There is a growing view amongst 
: > respectable archeologists here that there was no Anglo-Saxon "invasion" 
: > of these isles, just a cultural and linguistic shift adopted by the 
: > natives here after the collapse of Rome as a significant imperial 
: > power.
: Interesting, that is a perspective I have not come across. I would like 
: to hear more before I make up my mind, but moving from a mixed 
: Latin/Celtic linguistic setup to a Germanic one? Why would they do that 
: unless there were native Germanic-speakers around whose high social 
: status made it worthwhile to emulate them?

As I understand the argument, the Germanic speakers did not invade
England but were rather brought over, with their families, by the
Romans to serve as soldiers, etc.  They were left behind when the
Romans pulled out and it was those Germanic speakers who were left
holding the highest class jobs, or, at least, the jobs in the
cities.  And they encouraged their cousins to come over as traders.

Thus, though there was no invasion, DNA studies should show that 
they replaced the Celtic Britains where it counted, although it
would not be surprising to find that the agricultural workers 
were still of Celtic stock.

NOTE:  this is just my recollection of things read on the
ANTHRO-L list.

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