[Buddha-l] One Buddhist's perspective on Zionism

Franz Metcalf franzmetcalf at earthlink.net
Fri May 20 14:13:47 MDT 2005


Walking a middle path between Dan and Richard, Eric Nelson sensibly 

>  the fact that Zionism has become an antisemitic buzzword in
> much of the world means that the word has to be used much more
> carefully or perhaps not at all in discussing these issues.

I would argue for the latter. Using "Zionism," however charitably, is 
like using "Hiinayaana." It's simply unacceptable now (if it ever was, 

For anyone now wanting to start up a thread on "Hiinayaana" vs 
"Theravada," I refer you to the buddha-l archives. We've done that one, 
already (September 2004).


Franz Metcalf

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