[Buddha-l] Bodhisattvas in Taisho 474

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Sun May 22 10:33:31 MDT 2005

 So, if you would like an rtf (rich text file) copy of 
> this catalogue, write to me off-list and I will be happy to send it to 
> you (unless I am overwhelmed by e-mail, in which case I will probably 
> grumble).  Feel free to use the results of this work in your own work, 
> but please credit the source -- I don't seem to have lost all 
> ego-attachment yet in this regard.
> All the best,
> James Ward
> jamesward at earthlink.net 
With due respect, reminding people of "crediting the source" is not 
necessarily an expression of ego-attachment because doing so is 
a requirement of good scholarship. 
Good on you for producing this catalogue.

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