[Buddha-l] angel or sphinx?

Kate marshallarts at bigpond.com
Wed May 25 17:24:21 MDT 2005

>>. Though if this is what angels look like, the question
> remains what the Sodomites saw in them ...


Further to my last post:

"The Holy Animals of the Bible, according to tradition, can be assigned with 
the Eagle to the East and to Air; the Bull to the North and to the Earth; 
Man to the West and to Water, and the Lion to the South and to Fire.  By 
this means we will obtain a mirror-like reflection of the scheme given in 
Chapters I and X of the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel.

"This so-called quaternary of Ezekiel is very important because it finds its 
application in the operations of evocations (right hand movement in the 
circle) and in conjurations (the reverse movement).

"A second example given by the Apostle St. John in the IVth Chapter of the 
Book of Revelations, shows us another reflection, which differs from the 
previous one by the shifting of two elements.  In it the Bull and Earth 
belong to the West, and Man to Water and the North.  This second scheme 
allows us to establish some separate mysterious attributes such as: 
humid-dry and warm-cold. In this way air is considered as humid and warm, 
water as humid and cold, earth as cold and dry, and fire as hot and dry. 
All these conceptions are used in alchemy and astrology."
.....The Tarot pg 79

As their name implies, the Sodomites were into animals, not angels.....


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