[Buddha-l] Re: Brahma Sahampati (was: angels)

zelders.YH zelders.yh at wxs.nl
Thu May 26 10:32:35 MDT 2005

>Robert Morrison writes :
>So one question is whether overcoming the desire for sensual
>pleasures alone is enough to make one a non-returner.

Again, I'm not an expert, but I remember having read somewhere (Gombrich ?) 
that dilligent practice of the 'brahmavihaara's' may result in 
'non-returner'-ship. It is clear that Brahma Sahampati functions in the 
legend as a personification of compassion, and helps the Bodhisattva to 
overcome his very last egotistical impulse, as a result of which the Buddha 
opened his "golden mouth", and began to preach. So we have a lot to thank 
him for, at least our hobbies, and some of us their professions.

Herman Zelders

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