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jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Thu May 26 11:38:33 MDT 2005

That sounds good to me except for the insistence on using the "God" concept.
If one insists on that, one is not writing about Buddhism, IMO.
Otherwise, many religions proclaim duties to humankind similar to those
found in Buddhism. Somewhere in one of the suttas there is also found the
"golden rule."  But the Buddha did not claim that what he was teaching was
God or gods, or came from him/her or them.


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From: "Gad Horowitz" <horowitz at chass.utoronto.ca>

> thats all very well, but for Levinas"s Judaism "God" refers to our
> obligation to do our utmost and more for the other.  Does the Buddha not
> relate to such an obligation?  Why then does he teach?

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