[Buddha-l] angel or sphinx?

Kate marshallarts at bigpond.com
Thu May 26 22:36:51 MDT 2005

> Hi Kate,
> this sounds really interesting:
> > As their name implies, the Sodomites were into
> animals, not angels.....
> Is it not the other way? That the Sodomites had to lend their name to some
> alleged sexual preference?????
> Volker

Hi Volker,

While the info on the sphinx and sodomy is correct, my other comments re 
Sodomites were a light-hearted response to the light-hearted question of 
what Sodomites could possibly see in angels, especially if they matched the 
description about winged beasts etc.

Yes, the Sodomites did lend their name to alleged sexual preferences but in 
doing so the terms, according to the Oxford Dictionary, became 
interchangeable - though obviously a person can be a sodomite without being 
a Sodomite and, as evidenced by Lot, not all Sodomites were sodomites.


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