[Buddha-l] angel or sphinx?

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Actually the description of vajakalaya is very similar;

inside the  vajra palace is an iron wheel with ten spokes.  the ten spoke 
wheel  mandalas are wrathful protection wheels. (the  secret visions of the fifth 
dali lama is filled with them and 12 spoke ones and the monkey demon to be 
subdued looks just like Bush or Prince Charles.  LOL) in this one the spokes are 
triangles (wrathful) and not like bicycle spokes (peaceful). at the hub of 
the wheel is the lotus and solar disk and then the rudra pair in union (shiva 
incarnated as rudra a mad yogic demon causing death and destruction everywhere.  
this is the path of yogis who dont keep their vows). the rudras are under 
foot as on top of this stand vajrakalaya six armed multifaced and 
consort....outside the hubs are the supreme sons of four types.

its very simple the jews were involved in kabalistic knostic meditations and 
having visons of the illusory body.  as were the hindu yogis.  no big deal for 
anyone who wants to pray and fast for weeks on end. you begin to enter the 
death bardo and have illusory visons...even easier if one is fervently devoted.  

the structure of these inner visons is constricted by the illusory body 
configuration, i.e. channels drops and winds.  the images are mind generated and 
particular to a function or collective time.  for example vajrakalaya's wings 
are  connected to insight. his function was to subdue  a rudra. which he did. 

the Kalaya text is clear on the three samadis:  first being meditative 
equipose, one pointed focus on emptiness so that 'visions of radient light are 
withdrawn into the expanse'  the samadi of suchness...this is also termed by the 
text as  the mainfestation of empty forms.  it is also infered in the text that 
this is the dharmakaya as the other two samadis are correlated to the nirmana 
and samboga...

you have to love the dharma of the vajra never stating the obvious of how 
this is all tied together...

the key to the 4 directions is in the 'ornament of stainless light.'  a 
massive missive on kalachakra...
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