[Buddha-l] Spread of Buddhism

Michel Clasquin clasqm at mweb.co.za
Sat May 28 16:43:01 MDT 2005

Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:

> I think this had something to do with trade routes. Buddhism went where 
> people were and epople were where ther was something to buy and to 
> sell.  I guess (correct me if I'm wrong) that Africa was mainly 
> agricultural at the time.

I would agree in principle. I sort of have to, since I already indicated 
a propserous mercantile class as one source of patronage. But there is 
very little solid evidence of trade between Greco-Roman Egypt and India 
that I am personally aware of. Perhaps someone on the list can flesh 
that out.

Certainly the spread of Buddhism into central Asia and from there into 
China and beyond closely followed the Silk Route.


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