Fw: [Buddha-l] Re: angels and buddhism

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Sat May 28 18:36:26 MDT 2005

> Could it possible that skilled fresco painters at Miran might not have
> been required to be devotees of the religion whose structures they
> worked on?  Perhaps a Christian artisan, or someone who had painted
> within a Christian setting at some point, could also have worked at the
> Buddhist sites.
> There are really a lot of possibilities when one is ignorant of so many
> details.
> (Hm... "Ignorance is freedom."  -- I like that!  I feel a lot better
> about the world situation now.  Tra la la, la la.)
> :)
> James Ward
The Miran winged figures: just as I had surmised: Gandhara period and
Gandhara artwork.
Yes, it's entirely possible that the painters and any of the other craftsmen
on this edifice were not Buddhists.  (For a comparable example, the mosaic
work on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, a Muslim monument, is thought by
art historians to have been made by Byzantine Christian craftsmen.)

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