[Buddha-l] Re: Panchen Lama

curt curt at cola.iges.org
Sun Apr 16 13:03:36 MDT 2006

I suggest you do a google search on the following terms in varying 
"catholic worker" "dorothy day" socialism
- Curt

jkirk wrote:
> Another example would be the
>> Catholic Worker Movement, which is pretty openly socialistic.
>> - Curt
> ========================
> Would you please expand on this? What does "socialistic" mean in the 
> Catholic
> Workers Movement? As we know, socialism has probably as many meanings as
> buddhism.
> I mean, were (are?) they in favor of total state ownership of the
> means of production, or were they more in favor of, say, mixed economies
> where some means are state owned (say, utilities, railroads) and 
> others not.
> Joanna
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