[Buddha-l] Has anyone seen this film?

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Mon Apr 17 08:11:45 MDT 2006

Has anyone seen this film, which seems to have some Buddhist content?
Thanks, Joanna
"Kekexili" (2004)

When Beijing journalist Ga Yu arrives at the camp of the Kekexili Mountain 
Patrol, he witnesses a Tibetan funeral and a village in mourning. Ga Yu is 
determined to uncover the story behind the disappearance of patrol 
volunteers, the killing of rare Tibetan antelopes and rumor that the 
Mountain Patrol collaborates with the poachers. Ga Yu slowly becomes 
personally involved in the struggle. Through the eyes of the patrolmen, he 
sees the real beauty of their lives: their faith.

Starring: Duobuji, Zhang Lei, Qi Liang, Xueying Zhao
Director: Lu Chuan 

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