[Buddha-l] Has anyone seen this film?

EdIrons at aol.com EdIrons at aol.com
Mon Apr 17 11:41:21 MDT 2006

Yes, I have seen the movie Kekexili.  It has minimal Buddhist  content.  
Instead the focus is on the conditions of life in this region,  the unrelenting 
harshness, the utter lack of sentimentality, and the  matter-of-fact attitude of 
the residents.  All is seen through the eyes of  a Beijing journalist.   The 
struggle between the poachers and the  Mountain Patrol serves to propel the 
action, but in fact the two groups are  more alike than different; they live by 
scratching out a living with their  fingernails, barely able to survive in the 
face of their true adversary, the  environment.  
The acting is restrained--no melodramatic tears here.  And the camera  work i
s overwhelming.  Impossible to forget this film.
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