[Buddha-l] Reading sutra's without understanding them

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Fri Apr 28 17:39:55 MDT 2006

In that case, I'm on the lookout for the sutras written in Swahili.
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From: "Chan Fu" <chanfu at gmail.com>

Lets say you don't speak, read, or have ever heard of Swahili. But
then somebody gives you a sutta written in swahili and tells you
it's a sutta and you stare at it, trying to penetrate it through your
ignorance. And all of a sudden, something happens. You stop
thinking entirely and your (unconscious, whatever....) brain can't
come up with anything either (since it had nothing to work on),
but the Swahili text thing was really a great recipe for pineapple
cheesecake or instructions for building a flying saucer or a cure for
cancer. It's just like that, except that nothing really happens.

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