[Buddha-l] Extraterrestrial

John Chamberlin jchamberl at cox.net
Sat Apr 29 10:01:43 MDT 2006

What would be the immediate and long-term effects on the world’s  
great religions if extraterrestrial life were discovered?

“Extraterrestrial” meaning a life form intelligent or otherwise that  
is proven to be entirely independent of life on Earth, and not just a  
continuation of terrestrial life as a result of a meteor impact with  
microbes flying into the void from Earth and seeding terrestrial life  
on another planet.

Since this is a Buddhist discussion group, would there be a challenge  
to the general Buddhist dogmas of “No Self” and “Emptiness”? I would  
think the more Solipsistic Buddhist sects, if you all will allow me  
to use a Western term, such as Yogocara might find a challenge here?  
Or, would little green men simply have the same general  
characteristics as earth-bound phenomena?

In Christianity, the general belief in Incarnation might find some  
problems? The idea of the “Son Of God” taking on multitudes of alien  
flesh might shake a few trees, not to mention the fact that such a  
discovery would make the Copernican Revolution look like a cherry  
bomb in a mailbox!

I’m currently outlining a screenplay of just such a discovery and its  
socio-religious effects. I would appreciate any references if anybody  
knows of any publications on this topic. I also thought it might make  
for an interesting discussion?

Jack Chamberlin


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