[Buddha-l] Just checking

James Ward jamesward at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 23 02:58:21 MDT 2006

Well, at least it is not like radio, where people need to keep talking 
all the time.  With such a large membership, it may be a little unusual 
for everyone (of those who write) to stop writing all at once, even 
though most members of most listservs are quiet most of the time.  This 
is a big community which has been around for years, and I would be 
frankly surprised if many, or even any, participants were to suddenly 
forget how valuable it is to have this space and to have each other to 
talk to.

Some listservs are really quiet!  But when communication does occur in 
them, it's a pleasure -- I don't expect that kind of very extensive 
silence to happen here, but whether it does or not, interacting here 
can be a pleasure.

I'd be saying something right now, if I had anything to say, and as 
soon as I do, I will.

Actually, I do have something to say:  ecrasez l'infame.  I wonder if 
part of the problem here is just the ongoing attempted saturation of 
our minds by the juggernaut enacted by our cold-hearted, colossally 
greedy and apparently insane human "leaders" around the world.  But 
"only a Bodhisattva can lead another Bodhisattva astray," or something 
like that, so I guess they're doing us some kind of really big favor.  
Thanks a lot guys -- we could still have made a lot of progress without 
your input.

Also it's been really hot -- stay cool, everybody,


On Jul 21, 2006, at 10:11 AM, Jim Peavler wrote:

> I am very sorry, but buddha-hell appears to have died a very agonizing 
> and joyless death.

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