[Buddha-l] diacritics for verse

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Wed Jul 26 00:10:39 MDT 2006

Hi there, Jinavamsa

after a long while . . .

>Ah, what a lovely verse, the one that got Moggallaana
>and Sariputta! Leaving aside whether it's a mantra or
>not, the way it would read in Pali is:
>ye dhammaa hetupabhavaa
>tesa.m hetu.m tathaagataaha
>tesa.m ca yo nirodha
>eva.m vaadi mahaasama.no

I make it:

ye dhammaa hetuppabhavaa, tesa.m hetu.m tathaagato aaha.
tesañ ca yo nirodho, eva.mvaadii mahaasama.no

>I think it can be found at DhA.i.92 and perhaps at
>Vin.i.40. I can't check those sources right now.

The oldest Pali sources I have are:

Vin I 40 & 41; Ap I 25; Pe.t 10

It is cited in around a dozen later texts, mostly just the first 
three words but sometimes in full.

And as has been mentioned, there are many occurrences in inscriptions 
in Sanskrit, Pali and what are presumably other forms of Middle 

Lance Cousins

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