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Richard Nance richard.nance at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 15:54:10 MDT 2006

Hi all.

If BUDDHA-L is down for the count, then this may be a fitting way to
go (textual colophons are among the many places in which this verse --
the dharmaśarīra -- is found). There are different Sanskrit versions;
one common one runs as follows:

ye dharmā hetuprabhavā hetuṃ teṣāṃ tathāgato hy avadat / teṣāṃ ca yo
nirodha evaṃvādī mahāśramaṇaḥ //

I've used Unicode for the diacritics; hopefully this won't prove to be
a stumbling block. For additional information, you may want to have a
look at the following sources:

Boucher, D. 1991. "The Pratītyasamutpādagāthā and its Role in the
Medieval Cult of Relics" JIABS 14: 1-27.

Skilling, P. 1999. "A Buddhist Inscription from Go Xoai, Southern
Vietnam and Notes towards a classification of Ye Dharmā Inscriptions,"
80 pi sasadachan dr. prasert na nakhon: ruam bot khwam wichakan dan
charuk lae ekasan boran. Bangkok: 171-187 [80 Years: A Collection of
Articles on Epigraphy and Ancient Documents Published on the Occasion
of the Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Pr. Dr. Praser Na Nagra, 21
March 2542].

Sander, L. 2002. "An Unusual ye dharmā formula." In Braarvig, J. ed.,
Buddhist Manuscripts Volume II. Oslo: Hermes Publishing, pp. 337-349.

Best wishes,

R. Nance

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