[Buddha-l] Re: Was Buddha a Buddhist

Benito Carral bcarral at kungzhi.org
Fri May 26 05:05:35 MDT 2006

On Friday, May 26, 2006, Mike Austin wrote:

>> In  short, I don't think that the Buddha was a great
>> innovator at all, but a very charismatic, pragmatic,
>> and ethical guy of the forest scene.

> One  knows  the Buddha by knowing the dharma. Stories
> from history play a very minor role in this.

   If  you think that stories play a "very minor role,"
it's  clear  that  you know little about how traditions

> Whereas  it could be debatable whether the Buddha was
> a  Buddhist,  I  would  say  he  was  certainly not a
> Buddhologist.

   Maybe  I entered the wrong room, I thought this is a
Buddhist discussion forum, isn't?

   Best wishes,


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