[Buddha-l] Vaitulyakas

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Mon May 29 18:38:04 MDT 2006

...Unlikely. It seems rather to be related to the name of a text or
collection of texts - in Pali the Veda.lhapi.taka or Vetullapi.taka,
supposedly brought from the Naaga realm. Note that a pi.taka is not
necessarily a collection of texts; cf. the Cariyaapi.taka or the
Bodhisattvapi.taka. It may also have something to do with the Anga
known variously as Vedalla, Vaipulya and Vaitulya.

Lance Cousins

If a pittaka is not always a collection of texts, then what is it a 
collection of? sutras? Why would any text refer to a Vetalhapitaka if it's 
not a collecyion?
This is a bit confusing.........perhaps you could elucidate further?

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