Happy New Year and Re: [Buddha-l] I confess

Shiangtai Tuan shiangtai at alumni.duke.edu
Mon Feb 19 20:36:23 MST 2007

Happy New Year, the year of boar, pig, or by any other names.

         Come by my house for a potluck dinner 
this Saturday for a late bowl of dumplings.

At 05:02 PM 2/19/2007, Richard Hayes wrote:
>  ..., it was from listening
>to La Bohème that I got the idea of selling my lectures on Buddhism to pay
>off the dentist.)...

         Opera Company North Carolina is to 
produce La Bohème in April.  I will be one of the 
towns people and will be among the customers in 
Cafe Momus, celebrate the other kind of New Year 
(or Xmas, the same difference) with them on 
stage.  Hope we can inspire more learned people 
to sell and publish their notes.  Please do not 
use the manuscripts for source of heat directly as poor Rodolfo does.

Best Regards, Shiangtai 

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