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Richard & Dharma friends,

For a full list of Hackett's "Study and Discussion Questions", see


especially .../Study_&_Disc_Questions2.pdf which is a complete list.

There are also two brief Theravada timelines at the bottom of the list.

Glad to see Richard sobre occasionally & thanks for the info.

Piya Tan

On 2/24/07, Richard Hayes <rhayes at unm.edu> wrote:
> Dear denizens,
> As those of you who have followed my tirades and diatribes over the years will
> know, I am a great fan of the Pali canon. At the same time, I seem never to
> be able to find a translation that I really like. When it comes to reading
> for my own personal inspiration, I am not very fussy, but when it comes to
> putting a translation into the hands of students, I have somewhat higher
> standards. I want them to find the Pali canon interesting.
> This year I am using yet another anthology of canonical texts, having used the
> translations of bhikkhus Thanissaro and Bodhi in the past, and lots of other
> things from www.accesstoinsight.org over the years. Each of them left me
> experiencing a bit of dissatisfaction (dukkha, as the folks in Magadha called
> it lo these many years ago).
> The anthology I am using this semester is John J. Holder's Early Buddhist
> Discourses (Hackett 2006). The more I use this text, the more I like it. The
> translations are accessible and accurate, and each one has a very nice
> introductory essay. I recommend it highly, both for those of you who teach
> the Pali canon in translation from time to time and for those of you who like
> reading and rereading what the samana Gotama said to his friends on various
> occasions.
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