[Buddha-l] Tibet uprisings: staged violence?

Curt Steinmetz curt at cola.iges.org
Tue Apr 1 09:15:17 MDT 2008

Please follow this link to see a more detailed account of the bogosity 
of this article:

Curt Steinmetz

Christopher Fynn wrote:
> Curt Steinmetz wrote:
>> No one should doubt that the Chinese have used agent-provocateurs and 
>> every other conceivable dirty trick against Tibetans fighting for 
>> their freedom.
>> But the idea that spy satellite images can "confirm" the identity of 
>> who exactly started a riot down on earth is just patently ridiculous. 
>> Gordon Thomas is best known for his works of fiction - this appears 
>> to be one of them.
> GCHQ is an agency for monitoring signals - stuff like radio messages, 
> phone communications etc. A lot of what they do is for the US because 
> much of the monitoring of personal communications they do would be 
> illegal in the states - but it is OK under UK law. Of course much of 
> this monitoring is now done via satellite. GCHQ wouldn't need all the 
> linguists they employ if they were mostly looking at images.
> If GCHQ does know anything about the situation in Tibet it would 
> primarily have to come from their remote monitoring of Chinese police 
> / military / government communications. Anything else they might be 
> able to garner from sattelite images would just be for confirmation of 
> that.
> Anyway let's hope this story is as you suggest fiction by Gordon 
> Thomas. Could the story itself even be something floated on behalf of 
> the Chinese to confuse the whole issue?
> - C
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