[Buddha-l] Tathagata

h.godavari at shaw.ca h.godavari at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 7 12:46:39 MDT 2008

I was reading Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzi, founder of the Falun Dafa. Therein
he claims that the Sakyamuni  reached "Tathagata level" at a later age and not
at the time of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

My understanding (as an unlearned layman)is that "Tathagata" is a descriptive
name/epithet rather than a level of enlightenment and that Sakyamuni achieved
the highest level of realisation(?) under the Bodhi Tree and hence, "The

I would appreciate someone setting me straight. Thank you.

harsha godavari

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