[Buddha-l] "Dorje Chang Buddha" Revealed

Franz Metcalf franz at mind2mind.net
Tue Apr 8 13:07:45 MDT 2008

Richard N. et al.,

Thanks for the urls, especially for the photo <http://tinyurl.com/ 
68m5xn>. It is so humble of His Holiness to wear that ghastly wig to  
hide his usnisa. Or is the emperor just naked of hair?

I am currently writing a (sadly very short) article and being paid by  
the word, so I can't look askance at
Master Wan Ko Yee selling his artwork by the foot. Still, I simply  
can't understand the mental state of a person who'd fall for such  
transparent fictions as the stuff on the urls Christopher sent.  
Christopher commented "*sigh*" and I usually feel the same way, but  
somehow this particular instance has really nettled me. *Why* would  
someone forget, say, the Buddha's demand for us to think and test and  
discard crap, and instead swallow this wigged buffoon's propaganda?  
And then I have to ask why do I care? What on earth can I learn from  
this and from my reaction to this that might help be be wiser, calmer,  
happier, kinder?

To quote Bodhidharma, "I dunno."


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