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There was a write up in our local paper regarding the health benfits of Falun
Dafa.When I met with a group, they were reading this book, regularly after the
exercises. Apparently the book-reading is a part of thr exercises.

My own preference is Therawada. While I find Mahayana, Vajrayana etc fascinating, I
am drawn to the forest dwellers.

I was unsure of Mr Li's claims and assumed that his version of Buddhism is one of
the many offshoots of the wandering Lotus. Actually some of his claims bother me.
But I don't want to upset those very nice & friendly Practitioners of Dafa. Some of
them are very highly educated and yet seem to accept all the claims as the "word of

what can I say...

harsha godavari

Weng-Fai Wong wrote:

> I strongly suggest you not read Li Hongzi (of Falungong fame) for any
> authentic accounts of Buddhism.
> W.F. Wong
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> I was reading Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzi, founder of the Falun Dafa.Therein
> he claims that the Sakyamuni  reached "Tathagata level" at a later age and
> not at the time of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.
> My understanding (as an unlearned layman)is that "Tathagata" is a descriptive
> name/epithet rather than a level of enlightenment and that Sakyamuni
> achievedthe highest level of realisation(?) under the Bodhi Tree and hence, "The
> Buddha".
> I would appreciate someone setting me straight. Thank you.
> regards
> harsha godavari

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