[Buddha-l] Yet again: Nietzsche and Buddhism

Richard Hayes rhayes at unm.edu
Fri Apr 18 12:09:06 MDT 2008

On Friday 18 April 2008 08:06, Dan Lusthaus wrote:

> As a Nietzschian Buddhist (among other things), I guess I could venture an
> opinion on this.

Some fifteen years of exchanging unwarranted prejudices and ungrounded 
convictions with you have not prepared me for this revelation. I think I knew 
you had pretensions of being a Buddhist of some kind, but I just cannot 
imagine what you would see in Nietzsche. He seems so proto-Continental, so 
pre-Jungian, so post-modern, and you seem so mainstream European 
Enlightenment, so Vienna Circle.

I'll have to go back through the thousands of e-mails from you I have kept and 
see if I can sniff out anything that strikes me as evenly remotely 
Nietzschean. Meanwhile, I relish my astonishment. 

Richard P. Hayes
Department of Philosophy
University of New Mexico

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