[Buddha-l] Prediction of the Karmapa in the Lankavatara

Richard Nance richard.nance at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 10:46:16 MDT 2008

Hi Weng-Fai  --

Re: the verse putatively taken from the La"nkaavataara: I haven't had
time to do a really thorough search, but a quick keyword check of
Suzuki's trilingual index to Nanjio's edition of the La"nkaavataara
turns up nothing for ciivara (likely to be underlying "robes") and
only two instances of k.r.s.na (likely to be underlying "black"),
neither of which accords even distantly with the putative verse. A
check of sahasra (="thousand") likewise turns up no corresponding
leads. I suspect that the attribution is spurious.

Best wishes.

R. Nance

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