[Buddha-l] Looking for a source

Ashok Aklujkar (Interchange) aklujkar at interchange.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 30 15:16:48 MDT 2008

The quote is probably a (somewhat free / somewhat inexact) translation of
the following verse from A;sva-gho.sa's Buddha-carita (I am quoting from
memory; you can easily find the canto and verse in almost any edition):

ihaasane ;su.syatu me ;sariira.m
tvag-asthi-maa.msa.m vilaya.m ca yaatu /
apraapya bodhi.m bahu-kalpa-durlabhaa.m
na hy aasanaad gaatram ida.m cali.syati //

ashok aklujkar

From: Ben C Diez <bencd at baolin.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 15:18:05 +0200

   I'm  looking  for  the  source  of this famous quote
attributed to Siddhattha under the Bodhi tree:

           Even  if  my flesh and blood were to dry up,
        leaving  only  skin and bones, I will not leave
        this  place  until  I  find  a  way  to end all

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