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Thanks Richard---love your recent humor, getting better by the
Glad to know there's lots of opposition in NM. 
Pinto beans the size of cows? Already in Idajo we have too many
cows (so-called-dairy CAFOS).

Here in Idajo, some of us are getting started working on
developing a big public ed. program about this. Too many Idajoans
think nukes will create lots of jobs--poor fellows. Not. Eastern
Idajo has INL--the big nuke installation (research; waste storage
that is infiltrating into the Snake River aquifer; etc,) but soon
they want to build  a nuke power plant there and the state
legislature already offered humongous tax breaks to a French
government-owned outfit, AREVA, to build a nuke enrichment plant
over near INL. Ironic, isn't it  that in this ultra Republican
state, giving tax breaks to a foreign government-owned operation
is AOK. No worries about socialism there.

Eastern Idajo (location of the INL) used to be a bastion of
progressive labor, but no mo. They've been brainwashed by the
nuke industry and think anything nuke is the answer to the
world's problems, even though this industry creates far fewer
jobs than wind energy or solar or geothermal energy development. 

Idajo Unitarians unfortunately are so influenced by the solid
Republican atmosphere that surrounds them that they don't come
out against anything that Bush or the Repubs. want. 
People we work with are the Snake River Alliance (anti-nuke), the
Sierra Club (anti-nuke)--and we are getting ready to try unifying
a few other NGOs on this issue.

Buddhist content: When Gotama Buddha sat under the tree near the
Niranjara River, he did not need to be concerned that radiation
emanating from a nearby nuke plant  would affect his former wife
and child, as well as his disciples, or the locals to whom he
tried to spread his message. At that time, Mara didn't know about
the nuke industry and its minions. Gotama was truly blessed. IMO,
the bad karma created by rampant unregulated capitalism is coming
home to roost, just like the Rev Wright said. 

Best wishes,

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 12:40, jkirk wrote:

> When the nuke industry gets through inundating New Mexico with
> power plant extravangazas, thanks to their Governor among
others, the 
> bean growers won't be all that happy in their kotis.

Why not? Nuclear radiation might help the farmers grow pinto
beans the size of cows. It's worth a try, eh?

But not to worry. The anti-nuclear lobby in New Mexico is
tirelessly working to make New Mexicans see that it may not be a
good idea to continue storing more than 2500 nuclear warheads
within the Albuquerque city limits, or anywhere else within the
state, or anywhere else within the country, or the world. This is
an issue on which Mennonites, Quakers, Congregationalists,
Unitarians, Catholic peace groups, many Buddhist outfits, several
synagogues and mosques, some Hindu temples, some Sikh
organizations, a whole bunch of atheists, and veterans for peace
are uniting their energies. There are times when I think the only
people who want to see nuclear weapons remain in New Mexico are
Texicans and Idajanos (or whatever citizens of Idaho are called).

I fully expect to see New Mexico completely free of nuclear
weapons and nuclear waste dumps within ten years after the end of
the universe.

Richard P. Hayes
Department of Philosophy
University of New Mexico
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