[Buddha-l] Call for Papers: Philosophy as Therapeia

Timothy Smith smith at wheelwrightassoc.com
Sun Jan 20 23:35:32 MST 2008

If, as most Jungians would have it, therapy means 'attending to', and  
philosophy means 'love of wisdom', I'm not sure how to make sense of  
the following.

> - What are the “illnesses” that afflict ourselves as subjects, to  
> which philosophy might be cathartic?
>   - What is the content of the medical analogy? Is the medicine a  
> curative, a tonic, or a prophylactic?
>   - Why do both Sextus Empiricus and the Buddha regard the medicine  
> that is philosophy to be an emetic, purging itself as well as the  
> disease?
>   - What is the role of the sage or wise person, for example  
> Yajñavalkya in the Upanisads or the Stoic Sage?
>   - What is the relation between philosophy as treatment and  
> ‘indirect communication’ (Kierkegaard)?
Isn't there a kind of gross over reaching going on here?  Or is it  
just one more attempt to make philosophy relevant in an age where action
is valued over reflection.

Just wondering.

Timothy Smith
Wheelwright Associates


On Jan 20, 2008, at 7:11 PM, Katherine Masis wrote:

> I copied-and-pasted this from another list, but I forgot which  
> one.  They'll publish a book with the papers presented.
>   Katherine Masis
>   ------------------------------
>   Symposium on Philosophy as Therapeia: Perspectives from India and  
> Europe
>   2008 Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference, University of  
> Liverpool, 19th-21st June 2008.

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