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On Jan 28, 2008 11:02 AM, Richard Hayes <rhayes at unm.edu> wrote:

> Just an incidental curiosity to report. This weekend in Albuquerque
> there was a three-day event entitled "Jesus and the Buddha," sponsored
> by the Center for Action and Contemplation. Some 900 people attended.
> One of the 900 attenders came to the Albuquerque Quaker Meeting this
> morning and enthusiastically paraphrased lines from the Dhammapada.
> (Hatred can never be removed by hatred and so on.) A few minutes later
> another Friend rose and quoted a lengthy and inspiring prayer from the
> Upanishads. Then a Jewish Quaker woman stood and recited a beautiful
> Jewish prayer and gave a lovely talk around it, ending with a tearful
> expression of joy that the Palestinians have breached the wall around
> Gaza and saying that there will never be peace until people come close
> to God, and no one can be close to God if they build walls to keep
> others out. Quite an eventful meeting by Albuquerque Quaker standards!
> And to think, it all started with a citation of the Dhammapada by a
> woman who had learned it at an interfaith event sponsored by a
> Franciscan monk.
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