[Buddha-l] Say what?

Richard Hayes rhayes at unm.edu
Mon Jan 28 09:31:45 MST 2008

Fellow denizens,

Every day I get a Peace Quote in my inbox. Being a Buddhist I am of course an 
incurable absolute pacifist, so I love these quotes. Today's quote took me by 
surprise. It is attributed to the Buddha, but I have never seen anything 
quite like it in any Buddhist text, although I have frequently said almost 
exactly what this alleged quote says while teaching mettaa-bhaavanaa. 

Can someone identify this quote, or at least some qutation of which this might 
be an apt paraphrase?

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Subject: PEACE Quote
Date: Monday 28 January 2008 04:02
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Do not judge yourself harshly. Without mercy for ourselves we cannot love the
 world. - The Buddha

Richard P. Hayes
Department of Philosophy
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