[Buddha-l] Question for academic teachers of Buddhism

Perennial Favorites anemone at ghvalley.net
Fri Jun 27 07:46:57 MDT 2008

> The real problem, in my opinion, is not that Asian Buddhists engage in 
> devotional, ritualistic practices without "doing meditation" - but rather 
> that so many westerners think they can do meditation while neglecting 
> devotional practice.
> Curt

I think many Westerners (by "many" I mean me and my friends) initially 
entertain the idea of Buddhism because it doesn't seem like a religion.  The 
first time I meditated with the local Sangha, I was appalled by the sutra 
service, the chants, the bowing.  I've since come to value that part of it, 
but that first night I wanted to leave.  I thought the rituals felt fake and 
unnatural and that they had nothing to do with my understanding of Buddhist 

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