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Sat Jun 28 20:00:23 MDT 2008

Christianity, along with Shaktism and others, posit that creation came from 
sound (the Word). Admittedly sound is "nothing" (no thing) in that it is not 
a physical thing in the normal sense. But it definitely has existence.

Sound as the first factor also implies breath.  Without breath (either 
inhaling or exhaling) you can't speak to make a sound. This brings in 
another aspect.  Until ears and brains (or some other suitable receptor and 
converter) are created , sound remains as vibration. Shiva (who in many 
cases is equated with Shakti who is equated with Brahman), as Nataraja, 
danced matter into life by sending waves of sound pulating through matter. 
Science today is fast coming to the realisation that the fundamental nature 
of matter is knowable only through its underlying patterns of wave forms.

Vibration/sound and breath are also linked with spirit.  Breath 
(inspiration) and spirit/soul come from the same latin word "spiro".  In 
Buddhism, the trinity of Body, Mind, Spirit is usually rendered Body, Mind, 
Speech - our own vehicles of creation.

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