[Buddha-l] Re: Looking for a source

Ben C Diez bencd at baolin.org
Sun May 11 15:15:37 MDT 2008

Dear Richard,

> Greetings to all the countless kotis of bodhisattvas,
> mahasattvas,   mahoragas,   nagas  and  rakshasas  in
> Asturias from the mostly contented pinto bean farmers
> of Nuevo México.

   Thank you for your nice greetings.

   Accidentaly  there  are  also  bean  farmers here in
Asturias although the variety is not "pinto" but "de la
granja" 'farm beans'.

   Buddhist   content:   Does  anyone  know  where  the
Buddhist  prohibition  against the "pungent herbs" come
from?  I  know  the  references in the _Brahma Net_ and
_Surangama_   sutra,   but  I  wonder  where  it  comes
originally from.

   Best wishes,
Ben C Diez
Asturias, Spain

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