[Buddha-l] The course of Nature

jkirk jkirk at spro.net
Mon May 26 12:08:30 MDT 2008

Dear Joanna,
Thank you very much for your remarks.
I shall look at them very carefully with more time.
I would however like to comment in the meantime that what we say
is that human beings _experience as progress_  that which accords
with the overall course of Nature.
I.o.w. not that the overall course of Nature is progress -
overall existence is as such quite indifferent.
But allow me to revert.
John Willemsens.
Thanks for clarifying--I got a distinct impression from reading
your website that the "experience as progress" (a relative)
qualification was absent. 
In any case, I wonder what your support for this interpretation
of humans experiencing Nature as progress might be. 
There's abundant evidence in media of various sorts -- good, bad,
or indifferent in quality-- of  people who contrarily do not
"experience" the "overall course of Nature" as progressive at
all, but instead as destructive and teleologically negative,
especially today in conditions of global warming, cyclones,
tornados, earthquakes, oceans rising, meteorites, and so on.


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