[Buddha-l] monks, meditation and trauma

L.S. Cousins selwyn at ntlworld.com
Tue Apr 7 03:25:01 MDT 2009

Dan Lusthaus wrote:
> Let's keep in mind, for instance, that mental illness was a *disqualifying*
> condition from being accepted in the sangha, and grounds for expulsion if
> manifested by someone already a cleric. 
Current mental illness would certainly disqualify for acceptance as a 
fully ordained monk. That's hardly surprising. But what is your source 
for the claim that it could lead to expulsion ? As far as I know, mental 
illness is a valid defence in some cases where there is an allegation or 
confession of a pārājika offence.

As regards the general point, I agree that we should not look in 
meditation manuals for advice on such things. Generally they are just 
schematic guides. Most things concerning meditation are part of an oral 
tradition or matters of following a technique that leads to self-discovery.

Lance Cousins

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