[Buddha-l] monks and trauma

lharrington at wesleyan.edu lharrington at wesleyan.edu
Tue Apr 7 08:12:29 MDT 2009

First, thanks to all of you for your thoughtful responses to my PTSD
query. I so appreciate all the time and energy you have contributed to
this effort. I've also been enjoying the follow-up conversation on monks
and madness. It is perhaps a good opportunity for me to respond quickly to
Dan Lusthaus very valid concern about the severity and complexity of PTSD,
and the relative inadequacy of the Buddhist meditative literature to
address it. The monks on whose behalf I am doing this research are, as is
appropriate, being treated by  psychologists and physicians with long
training in treating PTSD and other trauma-related concerns. As such, the
purpose of my query is not to find a "solution" to PTSD in a Buddhist text
or texts that would substitute for such treatment. Rather, I am hoping to
tease out various perspectives or strategies from within their own
tradition that might complement their present treatment. I have learned a
great deal from the responses I have received so far, and I hope to learn
more from all of you in the future.


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